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Martial Krav Maga is an official Krav Maga club open to all types of people who want to learn self defence and gain confidence. At MKM we only teach only techniques that have been pressure tested and work in real situations. Everything you are taught is coached through to make sure that you are able to conduct these techniques in such a way that it may save your life. MKM offers you self defence, confidence, fitness, friendships and skills which you will have never experienced before.

A great instructor. Open, honest, approachable and very knowledgable. A pleasure to train with.
Sam’s knowledge on Krav Maga and self defence and his ability to teach, along side the atmosphere make this club second to none.
Bruce Pearson
I’ve trained with Sam for about 6 months and in that short space of time it’s clear he knows his stuff. Krav is no nonsense straight to the point effective self defence. Classes are tough and you’ll be pushed hard but it’s fun with a good bunch of people and a great atmosphere. Highly recommended.
Simon Pridmore
Grea club – very supportive and friendly atmosphere (ego free!). Sessions are fun and varied, with self-defence techniques clearly explained in relation to real life situations. Sam Brown is an excellent instructor, highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
I have felt an amazing increase in ability and confidence in a very short time with Martial Krav Maga. Since joining the class, I have been made to feel welcomed not as just a member of the group but also as part of Sam’s Martial Krav family. Take a trial lesson like I did and see the benefits!
Jason Moorhouse