Krav Maga Self Defence PrinciplesPrinciples of Self Defence

At Martial Krav Maga, we are strong believers in only teaching what works in real life. This means that the techniques taught must work under real pressure and with pace. Students at Martial Krav Maga are always pressure tested on techniques once they master them.

In respect of the above, Martial Krav Maga has outlined what we believe to be the 3 most important principles of Self Defence:


Surprise gives you a massive advantage over your opponent. This could mean anything from approaching at an angle that they can’t see or even just using a pre-emptive strike before they have chance to react. Be humble about your skills as the less your Enemy know about you, the more you will have to surprise them with!


Any well trained individual can conduct a certain technique slowly and correctly. It takes a true master to be able to conduct that technique with speed and precision in such a way that the technique is effective. Remembering that Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast!


Aggression is a must in a conflict situation. Without aggression, the Enemy will smother you and therefore dominate the fight. You must move with meaning and strike with purpose. Controlled aggression can be an unstoppable force