Sam Graham

Sam is the founder and Head Krav Maga Instructor at Martial Krav Maga. He is highly qualified and has a wealth of real-world experience to which he acquired in self-defence training and 10 years serving as a Royal Marines Commando. He is now running MKM full time and ensuring the standards are kept to a maximum within the assosciation.

Simon Pridmore
Simon initially trained in karate reaching the grade of 2nd Dan Black belt and instructed in this art for over 4 years before finding Krav Maga. An avid challenge enthusiast, he’s completed the Great North run 3 times and frequently conducts endurance events for charity. His main focus is teaching controlled aggression and eliminating the threat thats put in front of his students.
Scott King

Scott  has over 30 years worth of martial arts experience including running his own Karate Clubs. He brings great knowledge and experience to the MKM team has many achievements within self defence and is especially focused on getting students to adopt the perfect techniques and apply them effectively and controlled in order to achieve confidence and proficiency.

Orrin Childe
Orrin has trained directly under both Sam and Darryn learning as much as possible from the founders before being asked to go for the MKM Instructor course. Our youngest Instructor, a Fit, Keen and knowledgable individual. Orrin’s day job is a Royal Navy Submariner and as such his bearing and professionalism is second to none. He loves to push his mind and body to its limits in all different physical challenges. Orrin’s love of Krav Maga comes from its effectiveness and adaptability in any hostile situation.
Alex Thorpe
Alex is a serving Royal Marines Commando. He is a 2nd Dan Black belt in Traditional Karate and has trained directly under Sam to obtain his G1 Krav Maga qualification. A robust, knowledgable and fit individual Alex also trains in Muay Thai, freestyle Karate and kickboxing. Alex is also a Royal Marines Close quarter combat instructor, training other Royal Marines in hand to hand combat.